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Not picking industries

I am a skeptic when it comes to government –– national, state and local –– picking industries –– either old ones to save or new

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Productivity up, not wages II

The evidence keeps growing that economic growth is increasingly going to capital not labor. And that unless that changes most Americans are facing a declining

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Lou Glazer

Low pay driving job vacancies

Conventional wisdom is that there are plenty of  jobs available that are vacant because too few Americans have the skills employers need in an increasingly

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Detroit growing

Last May I wrote that the city of Detroit should focus on growing, not shrinking. As contradictory as it sounds the city needs to do

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Business following talent

Fascinating New York Times article on UBS entitled Regretting Move, Bank May Return to Manhattan. Its about UBS  considering moving back to Manhattan because they

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Lessons from Chicago

Harvard’s Edward Glaeser is becoming my new favorite columnist. He is a regular contributor to the Economix blog at the New York Times. He recently

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