STEM Doesn’t Dominate Michigan Middle Class Jobs

STEM doesn’t dominate Michigan middle class jobs

This post updates our analysis of the proportion of good-paying Michigan jobs that are in STEM fields. This time using our middle class jobs for a three person household threshold. Where we define middle class as payroll jobs than pay at least $47,026, and upper middle class as payroll jobs than pay at least $70,539. First what do we mean…

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New Report: The Real Relationship Between Education And Income

New report: The real relationship between education and income

Michigan Future is always trying to understand the reality of today's economy and labor market. Our mission is to catalyze a future for Michigan where all families can thrive, which means that all families have the chance to earn a decent income that allows them to afford the necessities, save for emergencies, and help prepare for the future--retirement or education.…

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Michigan Future’s American Rescue Plan Priorities

Michigan Future’s American Rescue Plan priorities

For the first time in a generation Michigan, its schools and local units of government have new revenue for public investments. An unprecedented amount of new money, anchored by the American Rescue Plan funding. Which, of course, raises the question "how can those new funds be used to best help improve the well-being of all Michiganders?" For us at Michigan…

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Continuing To Call For Rising Incomes For All

Continuing to call for rising incomes for all

We want to take a quick moment to re-introduce an effort that Michigan Future coordinated last year. Along with 23 leaders in economic and community development—from around the state and across the political spectrum—we called state leaders to action around the need to measure what really matters to Michigan families—rising incomes. We released the Rising Income for All website, where…

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How Much Workers Make In A Two-tier Labor Market

How much workers make in a two-tier labor market

In a previous post we detailed that Michigan has a two-tier labor market. One for those with a B.A. or more and the other for those without a B.A. The B.A. labor market is dominated by jobs that pay middle class wages for a household of three. The non B.A. labor market is dominated by jobs that pay less than…

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