Now Is The Time To Expand Michigan’s EITC

Now is the time to expand Michigan’s EITC

Now is the time to expand Michigan's EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit). Michigan's low-wage workers need help paying the bills now. Michigan employers having trouble finding enough workers to operate and expand their enterprises also need help now. Immediate expansion of the state's EITC is the best way of accomplishing both. Expanding Michigan's EITC from six to 30 percent now…

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Learning From Florida: 3rd Grade Reading Mandates Don’t Work

Learning from Florida: 3rd grade reading mandates don’t work

This post reruns a 2017 post by our former colleague Pat Cooney entitled the Problem with 3rd grade reading mandates. In it Pat lays out the evidence that 3rd grade reading mandates don't work and offers an alternative that does achieve the goal of all students gaining strong literacy skills and a love of reading, as well as a whole…

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Michigan Needs A General Motors 2030 Economic Development Strategy

Michigan needs a General Motors 2030 economic development strategy

In 1979 General Motors employed 468,000 American hourly workers. 76 percent of their U.S. workforce. In 2021 General Motors employed 45,000 American hourly workers. 46 percent of their U.S. workforce. Today 24,000 work at the General Motors Global Technical Center in Warren. Their average annual salary is $120,000. Around double what their highest paid hourly workers made. GM describes the…

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Florida And Michigan Academic Test Scores

Florida and Michigan academic test scores

For decades many business, political and media elites have told us that Florida is the model for improving student achievement. They constantly urge Michigan to replicate former Governor Jeb Bush's 1999 A+ Plan. Today, once again, Florida is being trumpeted by many business, political and media elites for its policies of in-person schooling during the pandemic. The theory being that…

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Which State Economy Should Michigan Want To Be Like?

Which state economy should Michigan want to be like?

In our last post we detailed that states with employment most concentrated in production––front-line factory––jobs are all structurally low-prosperity states, with per capita income substantially below the nation's. Those states include Michigan and Tennessee, both with per capita income twelve percent below the nation's Tennessee matters particularly because when it was chosen by Ford for its Blue Oval City electric…

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