Continuing To Call For Rising Incomes For All

Continuing to call for rising incomes for all

We want to take a quick moment to re-introduce an effort that Michigan Future coordinated last year. Along with 23 leaders in economic and community development—from around the state and across the political spectrum—we called state leaders to action around the need to measure what really matters to Michigan families—rising incomes. We released the Rising Income for All website, where…

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How Much Workers Make In A Two-tier Labor Market

How much workers make in a two-tier labor market

In a previous post we detailed that Michigan has a two-tier labor market. One for those with a B.A. or more and the other for those without a B.A. The B.A. labor market is dominated by jobs that pay middle class wages for a household of three. The non B.A. labor market is dominated by jobs that pay less than…

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McKinsey On Economic Opportunity Post Pandemic

McKinsey on economic opportunity post pandemic

Must read new report from McKinsey entitled Unequal America: Ten insights on the state of economic opportunity. The findings come from an online survey conducted by Ipsos of 25,000 Americans in the spring of 2021. Results are reported on for Americans as a whole as well as for a wide variety of demographic and geographic subgroups. McKinsey describes the report…

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Michigan Has A Two-tier Labor Market

Michigan has a two-tier labor market

Michigan's two-tier economy exists in large part because Michigan has a two-tier labor market. Michigan's high ALICE rate––38 percent in the strong 2019 economy––exists in large part because Michigan has a two-tier labor market. The reality is that in both expanding and contracting economies, Michigan has two labor markets: one tier of occupations that do not require a B.A. where…

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Break The Mastodon Tooth! Curiosity In Museum Learning: What Now? Ep. 11 With Dale Robertson

Break the mastodon tooth! Curiosity in museum learning: What Now? Ep. 11 with Dale Robertson

While most of our video interview series on education has focused on formal K-12 education settings, we've also become pretty interested in recent years in what education can learn from the various out-of-school sectors that serve kids. We all know that learning isn't confined to school buildings. And in fact, as we observe youth development, zoos and museums, and other…

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