What Could An Ambitious State EITC Mean For Michigan Families?

What could an ambitious state EITC mean for Michigan families?

Every year, the US Census Bureau publishes estimates of the poverty rate in the U.S. There is the official poverty measure (OPM), which is what we use to determine eligibility for government assistance, and the supplemental poverty measure (SPM), which takes into account the impact of various social safety-net programs on overall poverty. The SPM allows us to measure the…

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Patrick Cooney Rejoins Michigan Future Inc. As Vice President

Patrick Cooney rejoins Michigan Future Inc. as Vice President

Michigan Future Inc., a Michigan-focused non-partisan, non-profit think tank, today announced the hiring of Patrick Cooney as Vice President. Cooney joins the Michigan Future Inc. team after having served as the assistant director of policy impact at Poverty Solutions, overseeing the Partnership on Economic Mobility between the University of Michigan and the City of Detroit. Prior to his time at…

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Minnesota Is A Successful High Tax State

Minnesota is a successful high tax state

Minnesota is a high tax state. Has been for decades. Minnesota is the Great Lakes States best in economic well being and demographic outcomes. Has been for decades. Michigan is not a high tax state. Its taxes per capita far lower than Minnesota's. Minnesota is far ahead of Michigan in all well being and demographic outcomes. Minnesota has been a…

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Minnesota Has Not Lost A Congressional Seat In Six Decades

Minnesota has not lost a congressional seat in six decades

For nearly two decades we have urged Michigan economic policy makers to use Minnesota as a model. Because Minnesota across the board has the Great Lakes best economic outcomes. From low unemployment to high labor force participation to better than the nation personal income and education attainment Minnesota is far ahead of Michigan. We also chose Minnesota because it is…

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The Case For A 60 Percent EITC

The case for a 60 percent EITC

A year and half ago the Michigan Future Board proposed that the state expand its Earned Income Tax Credit tenfold. Going from a 6 percent match of the federal credit to 60 percent. This is at a time, when despite unprecedented federal funding and a multi billion dollar state budget surplus, expanding the EITC was on no one's agenda. The…

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