Why Michigan Needs The Working Parents Tax Credit

Why Michigan needs the Working Parents Tax Credit

Two years ago, the Michigan Future, Inc. Board proposed that the state expand its Earned Income Tax Credit tenfold. Going from a six percent match of the federal credit to sixty. This was at a time, when despite unprecedented federal funding and a multi-billion-dollar state budget surplus, expanding the EITC was on no one’s agenda. The rationale for this transformational…

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Michigan Future, Inc. Calls For Working Parents Tax Credit

Michigan Future, Inc. calls for Working Parents Tax Credit

Significant tax credit would help working families make ends meet Michigan Future, Inc., a non-profit think tank focused on rising income for all Michigan households, today called for enactment of the Working Parents Tax Credit that would provide households receiving the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) with a significant tax cut to help Michigan working families make ends meet. “Michigan…

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Fixing The Damn Roads Isn’t The Answer

Fixing the damn roads isn’t the answer

When it comes to getting younger––particularly retaining and attracting recent college graduates––fixing the damn roads is not the answer. In a recent report the Citizens Research Council includes a top and bottom ten list of state road conditions compiled by the U.S. Government Accountability Office. The top ten states in order are • Nevada •North Dakota •Florida •Georgia •Idaho •South…

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Talent Attracts Capital And Quality Of Place Attracts Talent

Talent attracts capital and quality of place attracts talent

In today’s economy, the reality is talent attracts capital and quality of place attracts talent. Where young talent goes, high-growth, high-wage, knowledge-based enterprises follow, expand, and are created. Because talent is the asset that matters most to high-wage employers and is in the shortest supply, the new path to prosperity is concentrated talent – and the key to concentrating talent…

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The Cold Weather Population Growth Playbook

The cold weather population growth playbook

The Growing Michigan Together Council should look to Minnesota for the cold weather state population growth playbook. Conventional wisdom has had it for decades that Americans were abandoning cold weather states for the Sun Belt and the Mountain West. By and large that conventional wisdom is accurate, but not for Minnesota. Minnesota has not lost a congressional seat for six…

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