What the Election Can’t Change

Everyone is expecting a big Republican sweep here and across the country. More than likely a lot will change. And have real impact on people's lives. But what won't is the basic trends in the economy. Neither Ds nor Rs…

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Constantly Changing Economy

At the core of Michigan Future's work is the belief that globalization and technology are mega forces that are fundamentally changing the economy. That change is now a permanent feature of life. It's not an adjustment to a new economy…

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Rock Climbing

In a recent post I wrote about a Tom Friedman column that illustrates how globalization and technology are fundamentally and constantly changing the economy. Now comes a David Brooks column, also in the New York Times, that is quite insightful…

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A Constantly Changing Economy

The main business Michigan Future is in is trying to understand the flat world and then be a catalyst to better position Michigan and its citizens to prosper in that economy. Our core belief is that the people and communities…

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