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Sarah Szurpicki

Robot-proofing our kids

Robots are having a media moment. It seems like everywhere I turn, the specter of robots replacing human labor at a massive scale–and the fear

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Machines destroying occupations

The scariest article I have read about the economy lately comes from the AP entitled: “Recession, tech kill middle-class jobs”. The article is about the accelerating

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Hanging on to the past: not smart!

Micheline Maynard wrote an insightful article for Atlantic Cities entitled The Midwest’s Big Economic Miscalculation. She writes particularly about Michigan’s continuing belief that the auto industry

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Flat World Realities

Insightful article from Chrystia Freeland in the Atlantic entitled the Rise of the New Global Elite. As Freeland writes a major reason for the rise

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Global Challenges

As I wrote in my previous posts about the upcoming elections, at the core of our work is the belief that globalization and technology are

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