Cut and then what?

Insightful Rick Haglund column on He makes the point that after the reset of Michigan state government this year the state faces a fundamental choice in where it goes from here. One path is to do more of what…

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Politics Vs. Economics

I urge you to read back to back two insightful recent columns on the elections. The first from the New York Times' David Brooks is on the role blue collar households played in the Republican landslide, particularly in the Midwest.…

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Quality of Place Matters

Good post on quality of place by Rick Haglund at his web site. Its Worth checking out regularly. Rick always has an interesting take on what's happening to our state's economy. In this blog Rick writes about the wife…

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Does Economic Development Work?

Interesting article by Rick Haglund in Dome Magazine. Its a brief history of the state's economic development efforts from Milliken to Granholm. What struck me most in reading the article is how little we got for all the time and…

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