Not time for a celebration

In an editorial entitled Snyder must sell how a 2nd term would overcome shortcomings of his 1st, Stephen Henderson, Detroit Free Press Editorial Page Editor, wrote: "I think he’s (Governor Snyder) premature in taking victory laps, especially with the unemployment rate…

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21st Century transportation

What concerns me most about Michigan's politics is how much of it, on a bi-partisan basis, seems designed for the 20th Century. We seem to be having a hard time learning what made us prosperous in the past, won't in…

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Choosing a shrinking Michigan middle class

After the 2010 election I was asked by several publications to write about what I expected to happen to state economic policy. My basic answer was that Governor Snyder campaigned on creating Michigan 3.0 (more knowledge-based), but almost all the…

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1.0/2.0 politics in a 3.0 economy

The two terrific articles on manufacturing in America I wrote about in my last post dramatically demonstrate how futile it is to try to recreate a mass middle class in a factory-based economy. Those days are gone. Factory work is…

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Cut and then what?

Insightful Rick Haglund column on He makes the point that after the reset of Michigan state government this year the state faces a fundamental choice in where it goes from here. One path is to do more of what…

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