Kasich On Economic Realities

Kasich on economic realities

In an Business Insider interview Ohio Governor Johh Kasich did something almost no politician does today. He clearly states that we can't go back to a factory-driven economy. Business Insiders writes: But the notion that states such as Ohio are…

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Lansing and General Motors

Good news! General Motors is expanding its manufacturing presence in metro Lansing. As the Lansing State Journal reports: "General Motors Co. will bring more jobs to Lansing with plans to build a $162 million stamping plant here, the latest investment the…

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Hanging on to the past: not smart!

Micheline Maynard wrote an insightful article for Atlantic Cities entitled The Midwest's Big Economic Miscalculation. She writes particularly about Michigan's continuing belief that the auto industry will once again be the engine of economic good times as it was for most…

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What the Election Can’t Change

Everyone is expecting a big Republican sweep here and across the country. More than likely a lot will change. And have real impact on people's lives. But what won't is the basic trends in the economy. Neither Ds nor Rs…

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Lessons from Metro Pittsburgh

Many in Michigan seem to believe that the decline of the domestic auto industry and more generally the loss of so many high-wage factory jobs, means that the state will never again be prosperous. We disagree! The best evidence of…

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Andy Grove III

Business Week chose Duke's Vivek Wadhwa to respond to Andy Grove's commentary on the need to retain manufacturing jobs. Wadhwa's response is quite consistent with the basic Michigan Future view of the economy. That the kind of factory jobs that…

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