The Future of Factory Work

Important article in the New York Times on what is happening to manufacturing employment since the economy started to recover from the Great Recession. It identifies the trends that will likely define factory work going forward. The new reality: (1)…

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Apple Again

After reading my previous post on Apple, John Austin, of the State Board of Education and the Brookings Institution, sent me a terrific study. Its from the Personal Computing Industry Center at the UC Irvine. Its topic is job creation…

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Interesting Business Week article on the just ended decade. Like everyone else they think it was awful. But point out that in terms of the economy maybe the brightest light was Apple. Hard to argue with that assessment. From what…

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How Do We Grow?

A couple of recent news articles struck me as representing where the Michigan is now and how we might turn it around. The first is from Brian O'Connor at the Detroit News on how Michigan is in for another decade…

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