Factory jobs II

As we explored in my last post, factory jobs are a declining component of the American economy. That is an irreversible reality. The question is "how do we square that reality with the constant drumbeat from manufacturers and their policy…

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Factory jobs

Both President Obama in his State of the Union address and Governor Snyder in his State of the State speech identified manufacturing as a key component of their economic growth strategy. Unfortunately, almost certainly, if the goal is more and…

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Health care jobs

Catherine Rampell in a New York Times Economix blog entitled Health Care Aside, Fewer Jobs Than in 2000 makes the case that other than health care the American economy has not added jobs for more than a decade. Pretty amazing…

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Not your father’s jobs market

We continue to act as if the job market should look like it did in the past. With the same occupations, the same pay and benefits and organized around relatively stable full time work for an employer. That job market…

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