Not just STEM

I do a monthly post for the Grand Rapids Business Journal. Last month I wrote about the occupations and industries their latest 40 Under Forty worked in. Turns out these future leaders in West Michigan overwhelmingly don't work for manufacturers…

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Manufacturing in decline

Two  terrific articles on the declining role of manufacturing in the American economy. One from Bloomberg Businssweek entitled Factory Jobs Are Gone. Get Over It. The other a Steve Rattner column for the New York Times entitled The Myth of Industrial Rebound.…

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Design as an economic engine

Interesting feature in Atlantic Cities entitled: A Visual History of Michigan's Outsize Influence on American Modernism. The story is built around the upcoming Michigan Modern Symposium upcoming at Cranbrook from June 13-16. Both the article and conference web site are worth…

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Machines destroying occupations

The scariest article I have read about the economy lately comes from the AP entitled: "Recession, tech kill middle-class jobs". The article is about the accelerating pace at which smarter and smarter machines and software are replacing workers. Its the new…

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The need for a new economy

Thought provoking essay by Walter Russell Mead for the American Interest entitled: The job crisis: Bigger than you think. Worth reading! Mead tells well the story Michigan Future has been describing for years. That just as more than a century…

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