Cities and schools again

Following up on my last post about the importance of quality schools and local governments I thought it worthwhile to rerun a post I wrote nearly two years ago. Its as relevant to Michigan's future success today as it was…

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The college grad multiplier

In a previous post on why retaining and attracting young professional was an economic development priority I wrote: The reason they are important to economic growth is both they are the most mobile and that knowledge workers––professionals and managers––are now,…

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Cities and schools

Included in my standard presentation is this quote from Harvard economist Edward Glaeser: In the long run, America will be richer than China only by having smarter citizens, and that requires the skills that come from schools and cities, not dispersed…

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Detroit collapsing

The best commentaries on the Detroit bankruptcy I have read are a Forbes article entitled "The Unions Didn't Bankrupt Detroit, But Great American Cars Did" and a Robert Samuelson column for Real Clear Politics entitled "Reinventing Detroit". Both make the…

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The 3.0 agenda: three quotes

For my Wayne State speech I used three quotes to introduce our framework for what state and local policy makers and economic development leaders should focus on if they want to recreate  a high prosperity Michigan – a place with…

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Attracting Talent: Denver

In his terrific book, Triumph of the City, Edward Glaeser writes: "There is every reason to think that an increasingly prosperous world will continue to place more value on the innovative enjoyments that cities can provide. The bottom-up nature of…

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