Triumph of the city: the data

As we explored in my last post, Edward Glaeser in his terrific new book, Triumph of the City, compellingly makes the case that vibrant central cities that anchor big metros are the geographic engines of economic growth across the planet,…

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Triumph of the City

In my post on ineffective green subsidies I featured a column by Harvard's Edward Glaeser. To me the key take away of that column is his claim that: In the long run, America will be richer than China only by…

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Lessons from Chicago

Harvard's Edward Glaeser is becoming my new favorite columnist. He is a regular contributor to the Economix blog at the New York Times. He recently wrote about Mayor Daley's legacy. As he writes Mayor Daley took over a declining Chicago.…

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Do Green Subsidies Work?

I read with interest a recent article from on Evergreen Solar. It is closing a solar panel manufacturing plant in Massachusetts and moving the jobs to China. It was in MLive because the company got subsides from the state…

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the Education Multiplier

Terrific blog by Harvard's Edward Glaeser in the NY Times on the power of education attainment for regional economies. Worth reading! He finds that today those without college degrees have lower unemployment rates in regions with high college attainment than…

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