Employers Can Help Make EITC Expansion A Success

Employers can help make EITC expansion a success

Terrific news from Lansing. Starting with the 2022 tax year the state match for the federal Earned Income Tax Credit is now 30 percent up from six percent. A historic win for Michigan’s working families and Michigan employers. Michigan goes from one of the least generous state matches of the federal EITC to one of the most generous. The EITC…

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EITC Expansion Not Quite Complete

EITC expansion not quite complete

One more important step to go to complete the historic expansion of the state's Earned Income Tax Credit. Starting with the 2022 tax year the state match for the federal credit is now 30 percent up from six percent. A huge win for Michigan's working families! Expanding Michigan’s EITC from six to 30 percent provides more than 730,000 households raising…

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Foundation Skills In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence

Foundation skills in the age of Artificial Intelligence

A little more than three years ago the Grand Rapids Public Museum hosted Outsmarting the Robots: Redesigning education from the classroom to the halls of Lansing. The conference was organized around the question “How do we redesign our system for learning to build the 21st century skills that matter to meeting the needs of our children, economy, society, and world?” The conference organizers––including Michigan Future––believed…

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What Could An Ambitious State EITC Mean For Michigan Families?

What could an ambitious state EITC mean for Michigan families?

Every year, the US Census Bureau publishes estimates of the poverty rate in the U.S. There is the official poverty measure (OPM), which is what we use to determine eligibility for government assistance, and the supplemental poverty measure (SPM), which takes into account the impact of various social safety-net programs on overall poverty. The SPM allows us to measure the…

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Patrick Cooney Rejoins Michigan Future Inc. As Vice President

Patrick Cooney rejoins Michigan Future Inc. as Vice President

Michigan Future Inc., a Michigan-focused non-partisan, non-profit think tank, today announced the hiring of Patrick Cooney as Vice President. Cooney joins the Michigan Future Inc. team after having served as the assistant director of policy impact at Poverty Solutions, overseeing the Partnership on Economic Mobility between the University of Michigan and the City of Detroit. Prior to his time at…

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