Break The Mastodon Tooth! Curiosity In Museum Learning: What Now? Ep. 11 With Dale Robertson

Break the mastodon tooth! Curiosity in museum learning: What Now? Ep. 11 with Dale Robertson

While most of our video interview series on education has focused on formal K-12 education settings, we've also become pretty interested in recent years in what education can learn from the various out-of-school sectors that serve kids. We all know that learning isn't confined to school buildings. And in fact, as we observe youth development, zoos and museums, and other…

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A Two-tier Economy In Pictures

A two-tier economy in pictures

At Michigan Future we are always working to understand the reality of the economy and labor market in Michigan. We try to get beyond the assumptions and the holdover picture we have of how people earn money, and how much of it, that we still carry around from the 20th century. Today we’re sharing two new infographics that powerfully organize…

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Oracle Bringing 8,500 High-wage Jobs To Nashville

Oracle bringing 8,500 high-wage jobs to Nashville

Last month Oracle announced they are bringing 8,500 jobs at an average salary of $110,000 to central city Nashville. The company will invest $1.2 billion to build out its new campus, including $175 million for public infrastructure. The city, in its statement about the Oracle investment, writes: “We are thrilled that Oracle is ready to make a billion-dollar bet on…

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Turning A K-shaped Economy Into An Economy That Benefits All

Turning a K-shaped economy into an economy that benefits all

K-shaped economy is how many describe our economy since the pandemic. And most expect the recovery to be K-shaped as well. The reality is that the Michigan economy was K-shaped pre-pandemic. With those at the top doing well, but far too many households struggling in the strong 2019 Michigan economy. As we explored in our last post, the Michigan Association…

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The 2019 Michigan Economy Was Not One Of Our Best Ever

The 2019 Michigan economy was not one of our best ever

The Michigan Association of United Ways recently reported that in Michigan's strong pre-pandemic 2019 economy 38 percent of Michigan households were unable to pay for basic necessities. So in what many called the best U.S. and Michigan economy ever, nearly four in ten Michigan households (1.5 million) did not earn enough to pay for housing, child care, food, transportation, health…

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