Purpose, Belonging, Value, Trajectory: Student Success At Midnight Golf: What Now? Ep. 5 With Dave Gamlin

Purpose, Belonging, Value, Trajectory: Student Success at Midnight Golf: What Now? Ep. 5 with Dave Gamlin

The part of this interview with Dave Gamlin, Executive Vice President of the Midnight Golf Program, that has stuck with me the most since we recorded, was his description of the layers of mentoring that Midnight Golf provides. We put them in the title of the video: purpose, belonging, value, trajectory. As in, different mentors serve different needs. Together, they…

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Integrating Immigrant Contributions To The Economy Can Help Raise Incomes For All

Integrating immigrant contributions to the economy can help raise incomes for all

Today we are delighted to feature a guest post from Global Detroit's Executive Director, Steve Tobocman. He's reflecting on the progress Michigan has made over the last decade in welcoming and integrating immigrants into our economy--for the benefit of all Michiganders. In September, the City of Grand Rapids, Kent County, the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce, West Michigan Hispanic…

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Critical Perspective And Engaged Learning At High Tech High: What Now? Ep. 4 With Dr. Sarah Fine

Critical Perspective and Engaged Learning at High Tech High: What Now? Ep. 4 with Dr. Sarah Fine

Some people watch Most Likely to Succeed, the 2015 documentary that showcases High Tech High's revolutionary approach to teaching and learning, and think, "Why can't my kids go to a school like this?" But I think the more common reaction among adults, watching students passionately engage in rich, project-based learning, is: Why didn't I get to go to a school…

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Guiding Students Toward Self-Actualization: What Now? Ep. 3 With Danielle Jackson

Guiding Students Toward Self-Actualization: What Now? Ep. 3 with Danielle Jackson

In the context of a global pandemic, what happens to the priorities of our education system? At U Prep Schools, reorganizing learning during the pandemic has meant centering and elevating existing priorities around human relationship and self-actualization. "Rather than taking things off our list, we made the list," says Danielle Jackson, the CEO of Detroit 90/90, the charter network that…

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Winning In The 21st Century: Austin

Winning in the 21st Century: Austin

Austin Texas voters just voted to raise property taxes to pay for the operations and maintenance of Project Connect, a high-capacity $7.1 billion transit system expansion. Project Connect is highlighted by a new light rail system with 27 miles of service and 31 stations. It also includes a transit tunnel under downtown (think subway); four new rapid bus routes; and…

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