Why Placemaking Is Critical For Michigan’s Prosperity

Why placemaking is critical for Michigan’s prosperity

Over two decades of research has taught us one fundamental lesson: Talent = economic growth. The key to retaining and attracting talent is creating places where people want to live, work and play. Then-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg got it right when he wrote in a Financial Times column: “The most creative individuals want to live in places that…

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What Michigan Needs To Learn From Amazon HQ2

What Michigan needs to learn from Amazon HQ2

As we all now know Amazon picked New York City and the northern Virginia inner ring suburbs of Washington D.C. for their HQ2. Both characterized by high concentrations of those with four-year degrees or more and extensive transit systems. As we have written before No talent, no transit, no Amazon. There are three key lessons that the Amazon HQ2 competition teaches…

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Ford And Detroit Alarm Bells

Ford and Detroit alarm bells

Recent bond reports from Moody's on Ford and the city of Detroit should be setting off alarm bells. Both reports paint a picture of the Michigan economy far different that the celebratory tone of most Michigan policy makers and business leaders. (You can find a Detroit Free Press article, entitled Ford investment rating cut to one notch above junk, here.…

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GM Needs Rock Climbing Engineers

GM needs rock climbing engineers

A recent Detroit Free Press article entitled GM's job cuts shift to a new kind of worker needed is worth checking out. It is a pretty dramatic example of the reality that––even for those with STEM degrees (in this case engineers)––the foundation skills for all are what we call rock climbing skills, not job-specific skills. The article describes the bottom line…

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Community Colleges Need To Be Redesigned

Community colleges need to be redesigned

At least rhetorically––not so much when it comes to funding––there is a lot of support on a bi-partisan basis for community colleges. They are seen as critical to preparing workers for the skilled trades and other mid-skill jobs. Occupations employers claim where there is more demand than supply. To be effective institutions of better matching supply and demand in good-paying…

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