Needed For All: Education For Losing Job(s)

Needed for all: education for losing job(s)

Must-read Linkedin column by Heather E. McGowan entitled Preparing Students to Lose Their Job. It is the best description I have read on the need to change the mission of education from one that prepares people for a job to one that prepares people for continuous job loss. Largely because of machines increasingly doing the work now done by humans, we are…

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Regional Prosperity Increasingly Linked To Four-year Degrees

Regional prosperity increasingly linked to four-year degrees

In my last post we look at the growing wage premium for those who have a four-year degree or more. Debunking the conventional wisdom that our kids are now better off foregoing a four-year degree to go into the skilled/professional trades. In this post I want to explore the importance of four-year degrees to state and regional prosperity. A core…

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The Four-year Degree Wage Premium Is Growing

The four-year degree wage premium is growing

The core lesson Michigan Future has learned in more than a quarter of a century of research about the Michigan and national economy is that the single best predictor of individual and community prosperity is a four-year degree. This, of course, is now not conventional wisdom. We are constantly bombarded by way too many business and political leaders telling us…

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How Are Michigan’s Women Doing? Not Great. (Part 2)

How are Michigan’s women doing? Not great. (Part 2)

On Wednesday I wrote about how women in particular are doing in Michigan's--and the world's--changing economy. I started by sharing data on single women-led households with children, who are more likely than not to be living in poverty. Then I took a look at educational achievement. Today I turn to income and employment, health, and leadership. Keep in mind that in…

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How Are Michigan’s Women Doing? Not Great. (Part 1)

How are Michigan’s women doing? Not great. (Part 1)

Following a weekend in which, for the second year in a row, women around the world marched for a variety of issues affecting women and communities they care about, I thought it would be appropriate to spend a minute here asking: how are women in Michigan doing these days? For my answers, I turned first to one of our favorite…

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