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Why Criminal Justice Reform Is A Part Of Our Path To Prosperity

Why criminal justice reform is a part of our path to prosperity

If you’ve been following this blog, you know we recently released the second in-depth topic paper outlining the proposed policy changes that we believe can help put Michigan back on a path to prosperity. To us, a prosperous state is one in which almost every adult is working, and where that work pays a good wage. Along with two other…

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Increasing Wages And Supports For Michigan Workers

Increasing wages and supports for Michigan workers

Our latest report provides a set of ideas for how we improve living standards for Michiganders not participating in the high-wage knowledge economy. Last week I wrote about our ideas for providing far more support to jobless individuals, to help them overcome barriers and get on a path towards family-supporting work. Today’s post details our ideas for making sure that…

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A Safety Net That Promotes Opportunity

A safety net that promotes opportunity

Our latest report, Sharing prosperity with those not participating in the high-wage knowledge-based economy, is based on two major understandings. The first is that even in a growing economy, a large portion of the population can still be struggling. Indeed, this has been the story of our economy since the 1980s, as the economy has continued to grow but median…

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Our Shared Prosperity State Policy Recommendations

Our shared prosperity state policy recommendations

As we explored in my last post Michigan structurally has too many low-paid jobs. About half of Michigan jobs pay less than $15 an hour. Add to that lots of part-time jobs and more and more contingent jobs. That leads to the Michigan Association of United Way's ALICE report results that 40 percent of Michigan households cannot pay for basic necessities.…

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Too Much Low-paid Work

Too much low-paid work

A recent Washington Post article was entitled Half the jobs in America pay less than $18 an hour. Can Trump help? The consequence of way too many lower paid jobs––as well as too many working in part-time jobs––is you get lots of working American households who cannot afford to pay the bills, save for their retirement and their kids education. This is…

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