Social And Emotional Learning Focuses On How Kids Are Actually Doing

Social and emotional learning focuses on how kids are actually doing

Test scores have become the sole fixation of our education system. At least since the passage of No Child Left Behind in 2001, states, districts, schools, principals, teachers, and students have been labeled successful or failing based on the single, narrow criteria of how well they perform on tests measuring basic math and reading skills. This is curious for a…

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Michigan Getting Poorer

Michigan getting poorer

The Michigan Association of United Way's ALICE report is the best calculation of the proportion of Michigan households that cannot afford basic necessities. That 40 percent of Michigan households––in a strong economy––can't pay for basic necessities should be sending off alarm bells among policymakers that the Michigan economy is leaving far too many Michiganders behind. What the ALICE report doesn't…

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All You Need To Know About Student Loan Defaults In Two Graphs

All you need to know about student loan defaults in two graphs

Earlier this year, I wrote a post breaking down newly released federal data on the student loan “crisis.” There were two big lessons that came from this data: (1) Stay away from for-profit colleges. The number of students who take out loans at these institutions and eventually default is incredibly high, even if they earn a degree. (2) And second,…

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The Economic Debate We Should Be Having In The 2018 Election

The economic debate we should be having in the 2018 election

The preeminent challenge of our times is figuring out how to reverse what is being called the Great Decoupling. Where even when the economy is growing––as it has been in Michigan since the end of the Great Recession––only those at the top are benefiting from that growth. The policy priority needs to be reestablishing an economy where as the economy…

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Where Do Kids Learn The Most Critical 21st Century Skills?

Where do kids learn the most critical 21st century skills?

Last week a friend forwarded me an article from Slate about the students at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School who have emerged as new leaders of a pro-gun control movement. I had remarked that I was struck by their poise, clear communication, and ability to work together. These kids look like seasoned professionals. If one of them showed up to…

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