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21st Century neighborhoods

Just finished reading the End of the Suburbs by Leigh Galagher, assistant managing editor at Fortune. Highly recommended. She details, with data and stories, the

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Attracting talent: Pittsburgh

Our research clearly indicates that where recent college graduates concentrate you get prosperous economies. And increasingly that concentration is occurring in vibrant central cities.  Specifically

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It’s the Neighborhood

Lots of comments on the Andy Basile email I wrote about in my last post. Most quite positive. A few pushed back. Let me lay out

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Lou Glazer

Transportation Drives Growth

Terrific article by Christopher Leinberger in this month’s Atlantic. It’s about the increased consumer demand – in both cities and suburbs – for walkable neighborhoods

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Books to Read II

More book recommendations. As you know we have concluded that retaining and attracting talent – particularly young college graduates – is one of the keys

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