Books to Read II

More book recommendations. As you know we have concluded that retaining and attracting talent – particularly young college graduates – is one of the keys to growing the Michigan economy.

Two books cover the topic best:

Who’s Your City by Richard Florida. We believe that human capitol is now the driver of the economy. Florida understood this earlier than most. And was way ahead of most everyone in understanding that increasingly knowledge-based employers – the growth sector of the American economy – are locating where talent is, rather than the other way around. This book provides the data on why retaining and attracting talent is the key to economic growth and what places across the planet are doing it best. Florida makes the case as well as anyone that place matters.

The Option of Urbanism by Christopher Leinberger. If place matters, Leinberger describes the characteristics of the places that are winning the competition for mobile talent. In a word: cities. Unimaginable for most of in Michigan who still think of cities (particularly Detroit) as a liability. Where “they” live. Think again! The most prosperous places across the country are big metropolitan areas anchored by a vibrant central city, where young talent is increasingly concentrating. In neighborhoods that Leinberger describes as walkable urbanism: high density, mixed use, walkable and safe.

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