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Minnesota #1

CNBC ranked Minnesota the best state to do business in. Pretty surprising. Good economy? Yes. Good place to do business? Conventional wisdom is no. We

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Michigan in the bottom ten

No matter who wins next week’s elections for Governor and the state legislature those elected will be taking over a state economy that is a

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Minnesota and Michigan

Not good news for Michigan. The unemployment rate is going up again. Up to 9.0% in August from a post recession low of 8.4% in

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Minnesota or Indiana?

I want to update a column I wrote for Dome in November 2011. Entitled “Model state for Michigan’s future?” I wrote then: The Mackinac Center

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A relevant state ranking

We have written previously about how irrelevant state business climate rankings are to whether or not a state’s residents are doing well economically. Here about

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The right top 10

As we explored in our last post being in the top 10 in business cost rankings has little or nothing to do with Michigan families

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The wrong top ten

As we have written frequently being highly ranked in business climate rankings seems increasingly to be the goal/measuring stick of economic policy makers and too

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