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Watch this

This is going to be one of my shortest posts, although it might take the most of your time. Its worth it. Here is the

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Welcoming matters

Terrific Bridge article by Chris Andrews on the importance of being welcoming. Highly recommended! Its entitled “Are Michigan’s restrictions on gay and abortion rights holding

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Minnesota and Wisconsin

Interesting New York Times column on the recent economic fortunes of Minnesota and Wisconsin. And the correlation between that and the policies pursued by their

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Which top ten?

Insightful column by Chris Farrell for Bloomberg Businessweek entitled “Innovative States Aren’t Low-Tax States”. Worth reading! As we did in our last two posts, Farrell

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New report lessons

Interesting reaction to our new report. Nearly everyone wants to talk about what it means to policy. And yet for Don Grimes and I the

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San Francisco winning

Conventional wisdom is the places with the lowest costs (so-called business friendly) have the best economies. Think again! If that were true New York City–particularly

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Still addicted to tax cuts

In a previous post I explored the nearly two decade bipartisan addiction Michigan policy makers have to cutting taxes. The latest evidence of the continuation

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Minnesota and Michigan

Not good news for Michigan. The unemployment rate is going up again. Up to 9.0% in August from a post recession low of 8.4% in

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