Factory jobs

Both President Obama in his State of the Union address and Governor Snyder in his State of the State speech identified manufacturing as a key component of their economic growth strategy. Unfortunately, almost certainly, if the goal is more and…

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Politics vs Economics III

In his analysis of the recent elections which I wrote about previously Richard Florida quotes the Cato Institute's Brink Lindsey. Who said Here, in the first decade of the 21st century, the rival ideologies of left and right are both…

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Politics vs. Economics II

My big picture take on the recent elections: Those doing well in the transition to a knowledge-based economy and minorities voted D. Those doing poorly in the transition and owners and top management of companies voted R. An over simplification…

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Is Richard Florida Right?

Thought provoking article in the American Prospect about the work of Richard Florida. It is critical of him on a variety of fronts, but particularly his selling his ideas in speeches and consulting to many small to mid size cities…

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Books to Read II

More book recommendations. As you know we have concluded that retaining and attracting talent – particularly young college graduates – is one of the keys to growing the Michigan economy. Two books cover the topic best: Who's Your City by…

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