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Snyder on talent

Governor Snyder’s special message on talent is quite remarkable. The fact that there was a special message – reserved for only the state’s top priorities

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Choosing A Model for Michigan

I started a presentation at the West Michigan Policy Forum with a thought experiment. Which of two state economies would you prefer for Michigan? State

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The Real Minnesota Story

High praise for LivingstonDaily.com for a story destroying the claim by a Republican State Senate candidate that Minnesota is a low tax state.  Finally someone

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Mississippi Lessons

Why spend so much time on Mississippi? Because Michigan needs to get on a new path. And one of the ways of identifying that path

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Not Mississippi II

In my last post I asked the question “do higher growth rates predict that Mississippi will have higher per capita income than Minnesota?”  I picked

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Not Mississippi

In a series of columns the Mackinac Center asserts that Mississippi is a state that Michigan should use as model. One criticized a recent post

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