A roadmap for supporting higher education

We have long argued that the state needs to reverse recent trends of under-investing in colleges, universities and community colleges. Michigan spent decades building a world-class systems of higher education.  The system is arguably the most import asset the state…

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Really Not Picking Winners

Governor Snyder in his State of the State address announced the state would no longer pick winners and losers. The way he proposed to implement that was by expanding eligibility for subsidies from the state's Twenty First Century Jobs Fund…

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Getting It!

A terrific editorial from Nolan Finley in the Sunday Detroit News. Entitled "The reason why we're poorer", Finley lays out, as well as we ever have, the connection between education attainment and per capita income. He clearly understands in an…

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Higher Education: A Better Idea

Every time the state gets into financial difficulty there are calls for some kind of centralization of the state's higher education system. Led by the business community and editorial writers. It's a bad idea! Hard to figure out since both…

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