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49th for another decade?

Important set of articles from Bridge on projected job growth in Michigan over the next decade. Definitely worth reading! (The lead article can be found

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Michigan is a low wage state

Michigan was the birthplace of the 20th Century American mass middle class. Largely built on a foundation of high paid blue collar –– mainly unionized

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What we do

Don Grimes and I are just putting the finishing touches on our annual report on the Michigan economy. It will be out in mid September. The

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Hanging on to the past: not smart!

Micheline Maynard wrote an insightful article for Atlantic Cities entitled The Midwest’s Big Economic Miscalculation. She writes particularly about Michigan’s continuing belief that the auto industry

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Getting Poorer Quick

In each of our annual progress reports Don Grimes and I have predicted that Michigan’s per capita income would fall to the mid thirties because

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