Winning In The 21st Century: Austin

Winning in the 21st Century: Austin

Austin Texas voters just voted to raise property taxes to pay for the operations and maintenance of Project Connect, a high-capacity $7.1 billion transit system expansion. Project Connect is highlighted by a new light rail system with 27 miles of service and 31 stations. It also includes a transit tunnel under downtown (think subway); four new rapid bus routes; and…

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Upgrading An Outdated Education System: What Now? Ep. 2 With David Britten

Upgrading an Outdated Education System: What Now? Ep. 2 with David Britten

Just a few years before his retirement, superintendent David Britten knew that there was something our education system wasn't getting right. He felt then that, "I know what learning is about, but I don't know how to package that into a school system." He was concerned that students were studying ever-more narrow content standards, and missing out on the type…

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What Are And How To Teach 21st Century Skills

What are and how to teach 21st century skills

A little more than a year ago the Grand Rapids Public Museum hosted Outsmarting the Robots: Redesigning education from the classroom to the halls of Lansing. The conference was organized around the question "how do we redesign our system for learning to build the 21st century skills that matter to meeting the needs of our children, economy, society, and world?"…

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Announcing What Now? Video Interviews, Episode I: Dr. Kathy Hirsh-Pasek

Announcing What Now? video interviews, episode I: Dr. Kathy Hirsh-Pasek

We're excited to announce our brand new video interview series, which will explore issues where the coronavirus pandemic helps us see things in a new light. What Now? asks: how should we navigate through this pandemic, and ensure a more prosperous Michigan in our recovery? In our first season, we're discussing education. In particular, the type of education that helps…

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The Preeminent Path To Good-paying Careers

The preeminent path to good-paying careers

The preeminent path to good-paying careers looks more like rock climbing than climbing a career ladder. More ad hoc and non linear than predictable and linear. What makes successful careers for most of us are our second and third jobs, not our first. And second and third job skills tend to be very different than first job skills. For most…

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