Pandemic Lessons: Savings Are Vital

Pandemic lessons: savings are vital

We are all told that we need to have savings of 3-6 months to deal with emergencies. One of the lessons we are learning from our pandemic-driven economy is that a lot of workers don't earn enough to have savings. Everyday, in every community in Michigan, we are confronted with the vast number of low-wage workers in the leisure, hospitality,…

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Jerome Powell On The Safety Net And Work

Jerome Powell on the safety net and work

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell made clear in recent Congressional testimony that a strong safety net is the not the cause of the decline in labor force participation. In a terrific article about Powell's testimony, the Washington Post writes: U.S. senators asked Federal Reserve Chair Jerome H. Powell about labor force participation this week, especially after Powell said getting more…

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Economic Lessons From The Pandemic

Economic lessons from the pandemic

The call to action we co-authored with economic and community development leaders from across the state was released just prior to the pandemic slamming Michigan. It calls on our state, regional and community leaders to make rising household income for all a preeminent priority of state and local economic policies and programs. To make the case for a rising income…

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Recommended Reading On The Economy And Education

Recommended reading on the economy and education

For those of you looking for something to read, other than about the coronavirus, here is a list of books about the economy and education that have been the most helpful in our understanding of the realities of how people earn a living today and likely tomorrow; what skills are most important to doing well in the labor market of…

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Our Detroit News Op Ed

Our Detroit News op ed

The Detroit News recently published an op ed I co-authored with Sandy Baruah, president and CEO of the Detroit Regional Chamber, and David Meador, vice chairman and chief administrative officer of DTE Energy. All three of us are also co-authors of the Rising Income For All call to action. Our News op ed makes the case for a market economy…

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