A Capitalist Calls For A New Capitalism

A capitalist calls for a new capitalism

Salesforce chairman and co-C.E.O Marc Benioff in a New York Times op ed entitled We Need a New Capitalism becomes another capitalist advocating for big changes in American capitalism. He writes: To my fellow business leaders and billionaires, I say that we can no longer wash our hands of our responsibility or what people do with our products. Yes, profits…

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Cities And Universities Drive Economic Growth

Cities and universities drive economic growth

Crain's Chad Livengood begins his story on the new University of Michigan Detroit Center for Innovation this way: Across the Potomac River from the nation's capital, Virginia Tech is developing a 1 million-square-foot innovation campus in Alexandria, Va., that's two Metro commuter train stops away from the second North American headquarters Amazon is building.In New York City, Cornell University's tech…

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Governor Whitmer Focuses On Reducing ALICE

Governor Whitmer focuses on reducing ALICE

Governor Whitmer framed her announcements of expanding access to food assistance, cash assistance and State Emergency Relief and to increase the number of workers eligible for overtime pay in terms of helping Michigan’s ALICE households. This is exactly the approach to economic policy that Michigan most needs now. One that is focused on raising household income for all. The simple…

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The Nature Of Work Today And Tomorrow

The nature of work today and tomorrow

I recently gave a speech at the Michigan Works Annual Conference on the future of work. It explores how the nature of work is likely to change largely because of automation. You can read the speech here. The speech does not predict a looming apocalypse. With not enough jobs for those who want and need to work. We don't believe…

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A Liberal Arts Degree Leads To A Good-paying Career

A liberal arts degree leads to a good-paying career

We are constantly besieged with messaging that a liberal arts degree is useless. Maybe even worse than useless: a path to being a pauper or something close. Stuck in low-paying work that leaves you unable to pay off the loans and earn enough to buy a house and raise a family. Think again! In a New York Times column, entitled…

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