Michigan Chambers Of Commerce Support Earned Income Tax Credit Expansion

Michigan chambers of commerce support Earned Income Tax Credit expansion

A big expansion of Michigan's Earned Income Tax Credit benefits both workers and business. Twelve Michigan chambers of commerce agree. They lay out their case for support of a big expansion of the state's earned income tax credit in a letter to the Governor and legislative leadership. They write: Dear Governor Whitmer and Quadrant Leaders, Our chambers of commerce, representing…

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The Pandemic Is Shattering The Dreams Of High School Seniors

The pandemic is shattering the dreams of high school seniors

Since the onset of the pandemic, far too many Michigan high school seniors––particularly non-affluent seniors––have had their dreams shattered. By either not enrolling in college or enrolling and then dropping out or enrolling in post-secondary education at a level below what they aspired to and were qualified for these students have had their life chances diminished. Under Enrollment Using data…

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Expanding Michigan’s Earned Income Tax Credit Can Combat Benefit Cliffs

Expanding Michigan’s Earned Income Tax Credit can combat benefit cliffs

The appropriate size and scope of our social safety-net has long been a matter of disagreement between politicians, researchers, and advocates on the left and right. But one thing that seemingly everyone can agree on is that no matter how generous or meager our safety-net is, it should be devoid of so-called benefit “cliffs,” and minimize, to the extent possible,…

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Expand Michigan’s Earned Income Tax Credit Now

Expand Michigan’s Earned Income Tax Credit now

Our analysis of the robust 2019 Michigan labor market makes clear that Michigan has a two-tier economy. Nearly six in ten Michigan payroll jobs pay less than what is required for a family of three to be middle class ($47,000). This two-tier economy is prevalent across all of Michigan and across all races and ethnicities. This two-tier economy is structural.…

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Michigan’s Lack Of Jobs In High-wage Occupations

Michigan’s lack of jobs in high-wage occupations

Terrific op ed in Crain's Detroit Business by Glenn Stevens Jr., executive director of MICHauto and Britany Affolter-Caine, executive director of Michigan’s University Research Corridor. They write: The most successful strategy to ensure Michigan's long-term competitiveness and economic prosperity is to increase the number of workers with college degrees and with digital skills in professions at all levels and across…

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