Could The Detroit Three Be Mobility Industry Minnows?

Could the Detroit Three be mobility industry minnows?

The New York Times in an article entitled Jim Farley tries to reinvent Ford and catch up to Elon Musk and Tesla writes: Yet Wall Street still thinks that Tesla, which is worth more than $1 trillion, will dominate the industry and that companies like Ford, worth $62 billion, and G.M., $58 billion, will become relative minnows. The possibility of…

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44 Percent Of Metro Detroit Jobs Pay Middle Class Wages

44 percent of Metro Detroit jobs pay middle class wages

Important new metro Detroit educational attainment report from the Detroit Regional Chamber entitled 2022 State of Talent. Worth checking out. The report portrays a region that continues to be a laggard in post-secondary attainment. And the negative impact that has on household well being and the region's overall prosperity. The Chamber writes: The data in this report illustrates a harsh…

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642,000 Michigan Children Live In A Working ALICE Household

642,000 Michigan children live in a working ALICE household

Important new report from United for ALICE entitled ALICE in focus: Children in financial hardship. United for ALICE found that nearly one million (946,119) children (17 or younger) in Michigan — 44% of all children — lived in a household with income below the ALICE Threshold of Financial Survival in the robust, pre-pandemic Michigan economy of 2019. These households include…

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Big Cities Are Where Today’s College Students Want To Live

Big cities are where today’s college students want to live

Conventional wisdom has it that big cities are dead. This time the cause of their predicted demise is the pandemic. It is widely believed that since you can now work from home combined with a long-lasting fear of crowded places that big cities are toast. There is one big problem with this theory. When asked where they want to live…

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Why Intel’s Chip Plant Is Going To Metro Columbus

Why Intel’s chip plant is going to metro Columbus

Recently Intel announced they are going to invest an initial $20 billion in a new chip fabrication plant in metro Columbus Ohio. Initial because Intel's CEO Pat Gelsinger indicated that Columbus could become "the largest semiconductor manufacturing location on the planet." With a total investment of $100 billion in eight fabrication plants. The first plant will employ 3,000 at an…

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