A District In Alignment: What Now? Ep. 8 With Scot Graden

A District In Alignment: What Now? Ep. 8 with Scot Graden

Our guest today has led a district that, for over a decade, has been moving towards a skills-based approach to learning, rather than a purely content-based approach. Scot Graden is the very recently retired superintendent of Saline Area Schools, a public district near Ann Arbor. His district, in the late 2000s, was certainly "good enough," with a fairly predictable path…

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These Are Michigan’s High-paid Occupations

These are Michigan’s high-paid occupations

In recent posts we have been exploring payroll jobs wages by occupation and education. Dividing the labor market into occupations with median wages below the national median of $39,810, occupations with median wages between the national median and the 75 percentile of $64,230, and what we call high-paid occupations with median wages at or above the 75th percentile. The first…

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Beyond Learning Loss: Tangible Outcomes For Education Equity Post-Covid

Beyond Learning Loss: Tangible Outcomes for Education Equity Post-Covid

The educational impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is unquestionable. But what if we spent less time talking about closing achievement gaps and more time talking about practical strategies and outcomes for shattering achievement ceilings? We invite you to a presentation and discussion with Colin Seale, a lawyer, educator, and the founder of thinkLaw, which helps educators provide students with the…

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A New Economic Development Strategy For Michigan: Put People And Place First To Create Good-paying Jobs

A New Economic Development Strategy for Michigan: put people and place first to create good-paying jobs

The evidence is clear that it’s time to stop a failed economic development strategy that invests state resources in businesses, and reorient towards investments in talent. In this commentary, first published by Bridge and co-written with Ned Staebler of Wayne State’s Office of Economic Development and TechTown, we argue that economic developers in Michigan are looking at their task all wrong. For Michigan…

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Whitmer’s Rising Household Income For All Agenda

Whitmer’s rising household income for all agenda

Governor Whitmer's new economic policy agenda states: The construction of this agenda has, as a guiding principle, the idea that a primary goal of state economic policy should be rising household incomes for all Michiganders, especially those who are struggling. This is a huge step forward in insuring that we have an economy that as it grows benefits all. As…

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