Talking with Lucy Ann Lance

Had an opportunity to talk everything Michigan Future with Lucy Ann Lance on her WLBY Business Insider radio show. We discussed mainly our new report on the Michigan economy, but also discussed our Detroit high school initiative. You can find a summary of the interview and a link to the entire interview here. It always is a pleasure to appear on her radio show. Lucy Ann asks insightful questions and gives you time to answer them in more than just sound bites. So if you listen to the interview you will get a good overview of our work.

Turns out that due to our high school initiative – in a quite a surprise to me – Michigan Future is one of three nominees for the Washtenaw County non-profit of the year by Lucy Ann is a co-emcee of the award event. It is one of the topics discussed in the interview.

A couple of other media coverage of our work are also worth checking out. I was a guest on Dan Gilmartin’s WJR Prosperity Agenda radio show. You can listen to the show here. The show was co-hosted by Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell and explored the importance of quality of place in growing the economy. A central theme of our work.

Finally Chad Selweski wrote a great column for the Royal  Oak Daily Tribune on the importance of a college degree for both individuals and the Michigan economy. Refuting the growing notion that because many recent college graduates are having difficulty finding a professional job immediately after graduating that a college degree is not all the valuable. What nonsense!

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