Michigan’s Transition to a Knowledge-based Economy: Fourth Annual Progress Report

Michigan’s Transition to a Knowledge-based Economy: Fourth Annual Progress Report
May 2012

This is Michigan Future’s annual report on Michigan’s transition to a knowledge-based economy. How well Michigan does in this transition will, in large part, determine whether we get more prosperous or poorer.

As we detailed in our 2006 A New Agenda for a New Michigan report, Michigan’s decline is caused, in large part, because Michigan – its citizens, enterprises and communities – has been slow to adapt to a rapidly changing global economy. Today, leading-edge communities are leaving behind the Industrial Age. They are adapting quicker and better to a more knowledge-driven and entrepreneurial economy: the flat world.

This report details what has happened to the national and state economy over the past decade. As well as details on what states and metropolitan areas are doing the best and why.

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Michigan Future Inc. has been providing high quality research publications to inform Michigan policymakers and the general public for nearly twenty years. Our research focuses on helping Michigan succeed in a knowledge-based economy and has themes that relate to the Michigan Economy, Attracting and Retaining Talent, and Preparing Talent.

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