Prosperous states are open and welcoming to talent of all types

Michigan Future’s basic premise is that the key to prosperity in today’s knowledge-based economy is preparing, attracting and retaining talent. The best measure of that in today’s world is college attainment. An important key to talent is being open and welcoming to all talent from all sources and taking major steps to increase the education […]

Investment: It should be more than just roads

Everyone seems to be ready to embrace the need for a substantial boost in state funding for transportation, even as they try to find the least politically objectionable way to do it. The conventional wisdom seems to be that due to more fuel efficient vehicles, Michigan drivers are spending less on gasoline, therefore less on […]

Michigan’s failure to move toward knowledge economy hurts incomes

The following press release was issued in conjunction with the Michigan Future annual update which took place on Oct. 17 at 3 p.m. at the Detroit Regional Chamber offices. Please contact David Waymire with questions,  517-290-3610. New report finds most prosperous states focus on high-education jobs, which hold key for Michigan’s economic rebound Michigan’s economy […]

Michigan’s Transition to a Knowledge-based Economy: Fourth Annual Progress Report

Michigan’s Transition to a Knowledge-based Economy: Fourth Annual Progress Report May 2012 This is Michigan Future’s annual report on Michigan’s transition to a knowledge-based economy. How well Michigan does in this transition will, in large part, determine whether we get more prosperous or poorer. As we detailed in our 2006 A New Agenda for a […]

The Gateway Lesson We Need to Learn

Lost in the latest political attacks against Rick Snyder – did he send Gateway factory jobs to China or not? – is a more fundamental matter that none of the candidates for governor seem willing to admit, and may not understand. The lesson from the Gateway job contraction is that even in South Dakota, the […]