Questions for 2010

In my last post I recommended that we ask 2010 candidates “what state would Michigan look like if your economic development strategies worked?”

The other key question I would ask is “what does Michigan need to look like for your kids (or grand kids) to want to live here?” Nearly all will be or are college graduates. Where they decide to live and work will, in large part, determine the future prosperity of the state.

Its not what most candidates are thinking about or what they are talking about. They are under enormous pressure by voters and interest groups to articulate their ideas about today – not tomorrow. But communities that don’t keep their college educated kids won’t be prosperous now or in the future. Its that important.

My guess is if candidates talked with their kids about where they want to live after college they will find that what they are talking about on the campaign trial is of little relevance to their kids decision on where to live after school . Items like what to do with taxes and how to save or restore factory jobs don’t matter very much to future knowledge workers.

If Michigan is going to be prosperous again we need elected officials who are focused on building a state where their kids want to live and work. We need to use the upcoming election to identify who those candidates are.

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