Mayor Heartwell

Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell's latest State of the City Address is terrific. Worth reading. It lays out an agenda for making Grand Rapids a place where people from across the planet want to live and work. Its an agenda…

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A Michigan urban agenda

All of sudden their seems to be a renewed interest in developing an urban agenda for Michigan. If this is more than just talk that would be very good news. Having vital central cities that anchor big metropolitan areas is…

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2012 Predictions

Surprisingly I have received lots of requests for my annual predictions. So here goes a little late. Our work is focused on the long-term. How Michigan and its citizens can better position themselves to do well economically in a flattening…

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2010 Predictions

The folks at asked me to one of their guest columnists on what to expect in 2010. You can read my column here. As you will read, I don't see any big changes in the year ahead. Yes the…

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