The Real Message From The Marshall Plan For Talent? Get A Four-year Degree

The real message from the Marshall Plan for Talent? Get a four-year degree

The Marshall Plan for Talent came with an implicit message to Michigan high school students: four-year degrees aren’t necessary to get ahead in tomorrow’s economy. Billed as a revolutionary approach to education, Governor Snyder envisions a competency-based system heavy on short-term credentials and light on four-year degrees. In an interview with Crain's about the plan Snyder said: Think about the…

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Google, Snyder And McGowan On Essential Skills

Google, Snyder and McGowan on essential skills

In her Linkedin column Heather E. McGowan calls for a transformation of the mission of education. From one that prepares people for a job to one that prepares people for continuous job loss. Largely because of machines increasingly doing the work now done by humans, we are now in an economy where losing a job will almost certainly be routine. McGowan…

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The Governor Is Right That Talent Is A Big Issue. He’s Wrong About How To Solve It.

The Governor is right that talent is a big issue. He’s wrong about how to solve it.

Reading the guest commentary Governor Snyder penned for Bridge Magazine explaining the ideas behind his Marshall Plan for Talent was like riding a roller coaster. It’s clear Governor Snyder understands that the world of work has fundamentally changed and that Michigan’s education system has failed to adapt. He rightly asserts that the rate of change in the economy is only…

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California: Higher Taxes And Surging

California: Higher taxes and surging

Turns out that California since 2010 has contributed 20 percent of the country's GDP growth with 12 percent of the country's population. As we explored previously this growth occurred primarily after California passed a major tax increase in 2012. And was written off as in permanent decline by many during the Great Recession. Conventional wisdom had it that high taxes, not…

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The Powerful Myth Of The Young, Unemployed BA

The powerful myth of the young, unemployed BA

It passes for conventional wisdom these days that there’s a large mass of young college graduates (those with a four-year degree or more) who can’t find a job. Everyone seems to have a story about a friend of a friend whose son or daughter got a fancy degree from a fancy university, but is now living in their parents’ basement,…

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