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Only High School Required Dominates New Job Projections

Only high school required dominates new job projections

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) just released their job projections for 2016-2026. The Atlantic did a good overview article of the data entitled Why Nerds and Nurses are Taking Over the U.S. Economy. The BLS also did a summary analysis of the data. Both are worth checking out. What I want to focus on in this post is the…

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Higher Education’s Role As An Economic Mobilizer Threatened By Defunding

Higher education’s role as an economic mobilizer threatened by defunding

Michigan Future Inc. has long argued that the state’s economic policy should be organized around the goal of raising household incomes for all Michiganders. We have also long championed boosting the number of four-year degree holders in our state as the most effective policy lever to accomplish this goal. There is ample evidence that there is no greater engine of…

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Shared Prosperity Books To Read

Shared prosperity books to read

In my last post I recommended three books and a video on education and placemaking. In this post we look at three books worth reading on shared prosperity. Education, placemaking and shared prosperity being the three state policy levers we identified in our new agenda that matter most to achieving the goal of rising household income for all Michiganders. $2.00…

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Robot-proofing Our Kids

Robot-proofing our kids

Robots are having a media moment. It seems like everywhere I turn, the specter of robots replacing human labor at a massive scale--and the fear that engenders--is reaching a zeitgeist. Last week’s New Yorker cover shows a human man begging for change on a sidewalk while busy robots walk by in a rush hour scene. One robot drops a few…

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Wayne State Aims To Boost Student Success Through Innovative Interventions

Wayne State aims to boost student success through innovative interventions

This blog is authored by Wayne State University President Dr. M. Roy Wilson.  I’m happy to have this opportunity to write about student success for Michigan Future, Inc. The success of Wayne State University students is my personal passion and the highest priority in our strategic plan. One of the qualities that attracted me most to Wayne State University is the opportunity…

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