The Four-year Degree Wage Premium Is Growing

The four-year degree wage premium is growing

The core lesson Michigan Future has learned in more than a quarter of a century of research about the Michigan and national economy is that the single best predictor of individual and community prosperity is a four-year degree. This, of course, is now not conventional wisdom. We are constantly bombarded by way too many business and political leaders telling us…

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How Are Michigan’s Women Doing? Not Great. (Part 2)

How are Michigan’s women doing? Not great. (Part 2)

On Wednesday I wrote about how women in particular are doing in Michigan's--and the world's--changing economy. I started by sharing data on single women-led households with children, who are more likely than not to be living in poverty. Then I took a look at educational achievement. Today I turn to income and employment, health, and leadership. Keep in mind that in…

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How Are Michigan’s Women Doing? Not Great. (Part 1)

How are Michigan’s women doing? Not great. (Part 1)

Following a weekend in which, for the second year in a row, women around the world marched for a variety of issues affecting women and communities they care about, I thought it would be appropriate to spend a minute here asking: how are women in Michigan doing these days? For my answers, I turned first to one of our favorite…

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Amazon Says No To Michigan For HQ2. We Aren’t Surprised.

Amazon says no to Michigan for HQ2. We aren’t surprised.

Michigan's two big metros not being selected as finalist for the Amazon's HQ2 should not surprise anyone. Amazon made clear that it wanted—really needed—to locate in a community with high talent concentrations today and tomorrow. Neither metro Detroit nor metro Grand Rapids are competitive talent magnets. The reality is that in the growing high wage knowledge-based sectors of the global…

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What Does Deeper Learning Look Like?

What does deeper learning look like?

At the core of our statewide education agenda released earlier this year is the idea that we need to shift to an education system in which the 6 Cs – collaboration, communication, content, critical thinking, creative innovation, and confidence – become the foundation skills that we build in every student, rather than narrowly defined math and reading skills. Stating that,…

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