The Economic Well-being Of Michiganders Is Getting Worse: Part 2

The economic well-being of Michiganders is getting worse: Part 2

When broad economic prosperity is your goal--when you want to see all households growing in income and financial stability--what you measure really matters. Michigan Future has put together a very clear set of up-to-date data that paint the picture of Michigan families' economic well-being. It's not pretty. In our first post on this data, I went over four important measures--where…

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The Economic Well-being Of Michiganders Is Getting Worse: Part 1

The economic well-being of Michiganders is getting worse: Part 1

At Michigan Future, our goal is prosperity for all Michigan families. That doesn't mean just a high GDP or low unemployment. We all know there are plenty of jobs that don't pay well, and plenty of people working multiple jobs and barely hanging in there. We put together this set of infographics (you can download the complete set of graphics…

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The Huge BA Earnings Premium For 25-34 Year Olds

The huge BA earnings premium for 25-34 year olds

The story we are told over and over again is for today’s students getting a four-year degree is no longer a good value for many. It may have been for their parents’ generation, but no more. Everything from student loans college graduates can’t afford because of low salaries; to employers getting smart and now hiring for skills, not degrees; to…

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More Michigan Households Unable To Pay For Necessities

More Michigan households unable to pay for necessities

The Michigan Association of United Ways reports that in 2017 43 percent of Michigan households were unable to pay for necessities. Up six percent from 2010 when the Michigan economy was just starting to grow after the Great Recession. How can that be? In an economy that President Trump calls the best American economy ever (it isn't, but it is…

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A Bold New Michigan Playbook

A bold new Michigan playbook

Wow! Governor Whitmer's first budget is a bold new playbook for improving the quality of life and standard of living of Michiganders. At its core it rejects the notion that the lever that matters most to improving the well being of Michiganders is low taxes. That low taxes––combined with minimal regulation––will attract employers who will provide Michigan workers with the…

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