Michigan Cities Need More Gentrification

Michigan cities need more gentrification

For years I have said that the city of Detroit needs more gentrification and congestion. As most of you would expect, the push-back is immediate and intense. Most folks think of the negative consequences of both and instinctively recoil at having more of the negatives. What people don't think about is that for both gentrification and congestion the positives far…

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Moving Away From Standardized Testing

Moving away from standardized testing

As readers of this bog know we believe Michigan needs to move away from standardized testing. Anytime we make that case, the first question we get is “what is the alternative?” In a column for Bloomberg entitled Testing Craze Is Fading in U.S. Schools. Good. Here’s What’s Next. Andrea Gabor tackles just that question. Before we delve into the alternatives…

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Low-wage Job Concentrations By Michigan Region

Low-wage job concentrations by Michigan region

Michigan's core economic challenge is there are too many low-wage jobs. It is the primary reason for the Michigan Association of United Ways finding that a way too high 43 percent of Michigan households in a strong economy cannot pay for basic necessities. The reality of too many low-pay jobs is true across the state––nationally too. It gets worse the…

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Employers Increasingly Prefer Generalists Over Specialists

Employers increasingly prefer generalists over specialists

All of a sudden there is lots being written about the trend of employers hiring generalists more than specialists. What is so disturbing is the disconnect between this reality and way too many policymakers pushing our education and training providers towards preparing students for a trade or profession. In a world where generalists are what increasingly is being rewarded, the…

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Schlissel Makes The Case For Public Investments

Schlissel makes the case for public investments

In an interview with Bridge magazine University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel lays out the case for public investments as essential to the future success of Michigan. Particularly public investments in higher education. Schilissel says: It used to be the public would come together around common goods, things that, you know, no individual benefits from, but we all benefit from…

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