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New York City thriving

For nearly all of my getting close to forty year career I have heard about the imminent collapse of New York City. Those predictions were

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San Francisco winning

Conventional wisdom is the places with the lowest costs (so-called business friendly) have the best economies. Think again! If that were true New York City–particularly

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21st Century neighborhoods

Just finished reading the End of the Suburbs by Leigh Galagher, assistant managing editor at Fortune. Highly recommended. She details, with data and stories, the

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Quick updates

Some interesting press coverage of topics I have written about recently. Worth reading. On the topic of welcoming to all (see my pledge of allegiance

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Lou Glazer

Ann Arbor II

Lot of reaction to my post on Ann Arbor’s anti-density development policies. One theme is Ann Arbor can’t be Madison mainly because they are the

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