Detroit schooling chaos

Good article in the Atlantic on Detroit schools entitled Detroit's Education Catastrophe. Worth reading! The article describes the consequences of an unregulated education marketplace with little or no quality standards. You end up with too many schools chasing too few…

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Work requires broad skills

More evidence that work increasingly requires broad, rather than narrow occupation specific, skills. Terrific article in the Atlantic entitled The Unexpected Schools Championing the Liberal Arts: Military academies and chef schools say the humanities are essential to their graduates’ success. How can…

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Integration and increasing mobility

Income mobility in American is declining. Increasingly what your parents earn predicts what you will earn. Certainly not consistent with the core American value of equal opportunity. As President Obama said in his second Inaugural Address: “We are true to our…

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Minneapolis surging

As readers of Michigan Future's work know, we have suggested for years that Michigan should look to Minnesota as a model for how to create a prosperous state economy. On every measure of economic well being it is the best…

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Health care jobs

Catherine Rampell in a New York Times Economix blog entitled Health Care Aside, Fewer Jobs Than in 2000 makes the case that other than health care the American economy has not added jobs for more than a decade. Pretty amazing…

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Worth reading

While I have been using this post to explore the findings in our new report, I have stockpiled lots of articles that I wanted to write about. Rather than wait until I get to them here is a list of…

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