California growing

I wrote a post in November 2009 entitled "California Ascendant?" Using a Time Magazine article on the future of California as a jumping off point, I wrote that California was not as conventional wisdom had it then (and now) a…

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Triumph of the City

In my post on ineffective green subsidies I featured a column by Harvard's Edward Glaeser. To me the key take away of that column is his claim that: In the long run, America will be richer than China only by…

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A roadmap for supporting higher education

We have long argued that the state needs to reverse recent trends of under-investing in colleges, universities and community colleges. Michigan spent decades building a world-class systems of higher education.  The system is arguably the most import asset the state…

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U of M’s value

A thought experiment: Assume the University of Michigan/Ann Arbor decides – as MSU did with its medical school – to take offers to relocate all or part of its operations. But not just someplace else in Michigan, any place on…

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the Snyder budget II

Most of the questions I have received have been about how well the Governor’s budget will help in growing the Michigan economy. In addition there also is the question of how well the proposal tackles the state’s structural deficit. They…

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