Shopping for schools

At its core Michigan Future Schools and the broader Excellent Schools Detroit are designed to use the market place to reform schooling for Detroit children. State policy makes markets a viable reform strategy because, by and large, school funding follows…

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New High School Grants

We are now accepting applications for those interested in starting a new high school opening in the fall of 2012 serving students from the City of Detroit. The details can be found at Michigan Future Schools (MFS). For those of…

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College Success Advisers

Readers know that I am concerned about the low graduation rates that characterized almost all of our universities and colleges. The recent Brookings report on demographic changes across the country from 2000-2008 provides data that should worry all of us.…

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Michigan Future Schools Jobs

Michigan Future Schools – our high school accelerator – is now hiring its first two professional. You can find details here. More than anything else we are looking for staff that know what is involved in operating a high quality…

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Excellent Schools Detroit

The release of the citywide plan for improving student achievement in Detroit was quite exhilarating. It marks a fundamental change in strategy and, for the first time, offers a realistic possibility that we can get big increases in student outcomes.…

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Introducing Michigan Future Schools

Today we officially launch Michigan Future Schools (MFS) as an initiative of Michigan Future, Inc. It builds on the work we have been doing for the past decade or so to figure out how to connect urban high schools students…

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