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A Tale of Two Economies

Good article (with video interview of George Fulton) by Nathan Bomey at AnnArbor.com. Its called Education Chasm. Its the new reality we all need to

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Apple Again

After reading my previous post on Apple, John Austin, of the State Board of Education and the Brookings Institution, sent me a terrific study. Its

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Bissell, Part II

Nancy Crawley quotes Upjohn Institute economist George Erickcek in her column on Bissell. George, who is one of the best thinkers I know on economic

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Good Nancy Crawley column in the Grand Rapids Press on the fortunes on Bissell – the vacuum cleaner company in West Michigan. Crawley argues that

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Rock Climbing

In a recent post I wrote about a Tom Friedman column that illustrates how globalization and technology are fundamentally and constantly changing the economy. Now

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Lou’s 2009 Presentation

The powerpoint presentation Lou Glazer uses in his speeches around the state on the future of the economy and what Michigan needs to do to

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Interesting article by Nathan Bomey in annarbor.com. Its about Toyota apparently considering moving some of their knowledge jobs from California, with Ann Arbor being one

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California vs Indiana

In my last post we explored how is it that Time magazine could do a cover story on California’s bright future economic prospects despite a

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