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Minnesota or Indiana?

I want to update a column I wrote for Dome in November 2011. Entitled “Model state for Michigan’s future?” I wrote then: The Mackinac Center

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Snyder on talent

Governor Snyder’s special message on talent is quite remarkable. The fact that there was a special message – reserved for only the state’s top priorities

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the Snyder budget

As you might expect, I have been asked a lot about my reaction to Governor Snyder’s budget proposal. The folks at Dome Magazine asked me

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Does Economic Development Work?

Interesting article by Rick Haglund in Dome Magazine. Its a brief history of the state’s economic development efforts from Milliken to Granholm. What struck me

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The current issue of Dome magazine has an article from the folks at Gongwer about the just enacted education reform legislation. It ends with comments

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