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A Path to Good-paying Careers for all Michiganders: A 21st Century state policy agenda

This report recommends big changes in the way state policies work to improve economic well-being of Michiganders.

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It should now be clear that having a growing economy, or a low unemployment rate, or being business friendly– all of which have been the goals of state policymakers now and in the past – does not lead to an economy that benefits all.

Michigan will not have a mass middle class again until we transition to the knowledge economy that is the path to prosperity in the 21st Century.

75 percent 

of Michigan households have stagnant or declining income. 

40 percent

of Michigan households cannot afford basic necessities. 


Michigan’s national rank in percentage of people with a four-year degree. 


Michigan’s national rank in proportion of adults who work.

-5.5 million

Net U.S. new jobs gained by those with a high school degrees or less since Great Recession (2008).

+8.6 million

Net U.S. new jobs gained by those with a four-year degree or more since Great Recession (2008).

Our conclusion: States with more college grads will get more and better jobs

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