In The News: Michigan Future’s 2017 Report

Michigan Future report proposes shake-up in state’s education system

dbusiness| June 12, 2017

Ann Arbor-based non-profit Michigan Future today announced the findings of a report on the state’s current educational structure. The report, “Improving Student Outcomes from Education, Birth to College,” offers several proposed adjustments on how to better prepare students for future careers. Read more >>.

Education investments needed to prepare students for 21st century economy, report says

MLive | June 08, 2017

Michigan must invest in its schools – from preschool through college – to create an education system where all students, regardless of income, have “the tools needed to thrive in an ever-changing 21st century economy,” according to a new report. Read more >>.

Report: Best way to raise household income is through education, not tax cuts

Michigan Radio | May 30, 2017

In Michigan, taxes have been cut for businesses as legislators have reduced money going to municipalities. Read more >>.

The American Dream is fading everywhere, but almost nowhere faster than Michigan

Bridge Magazine | May 25, 2017

In 1977, Bryan Kaminski walked out of high school and into an Ypsilanti factory. By 19, the General Motors employee, making what amounted to $26 an hour in today’s dollars, had enough money to buy a house. Read more >>.

A state agenda with the right policy prescription

Michigan Association of State Universities| May 1, 2017

With a goal of rising incomes for all Michigan households and a broadening of the state’s middle class, Michigan Future, Inc. has presented a state policy agenda that is uniquely forward-thinking in its approach. Read more >>.

Michigan study affirms the foundational work of our human-centered design

Superintendent’s Notes | April 29, 2017 

A new report by Lou Glazer’s Michigan Future Inc. has affirmed the excellent work of our Human-Centered Design (HCD) Learner Profile team being led by Dr. Carol Lautenbach with the help of Mr. Dave Koetje and East Lee Campus Principal Jim Jensen. Read more >>. 

Michigan risks falling further behind if it doesn’t get serious about change

Michigan Radio | April 29, 2017

As wake up calls go, think tank reports ain’t much.

Yeah, they marshal the grim statistics. They make harsh comparisons. They tell the people who bother to read them, mostly the already converted, just how Michigan is failing in education and job growth, in per-capita income and in the number of adults who work. Read more >>.

Politicians Shoot At Wrong Target

Dome Magazine | April 28, 2017 

Some targets are easier to shoot at— but if you shoot at the wrong target you will never produce positive results.   It has also been said that for every complex problem there is a simple and WRONG solution.  It is much easier to beat up on China for “stealing American jobs,” than it is to address the stark reality that technology, robots and automation is a lager culprit. Read more >>. 

Report urges lawmakers to look ahead

Grand Rapids Business Journal | April 28, 2017 

Grand Rapids is well situated to prosper if the agenda laid out in Michigan Future’s most recent report is followed. Michigan Future, a statewide think tank, released its first set of policy recommendations, “A Path to Good-paying Careers for all Michiganders: A 21st Century state policy agenda” last week, calling on state lawmakers to re-examine the strategy for improving the economy. Read more >>. 

Report: Michigan needs economic policies that lead to rising middle class

Crain’s Detroit Business | April 25, 2017

Michigan needs to reorganize its economic policies around a central goal — building up the middle class by making sure all residents have rising household income, a new report suggests. Read more >>. 

Howes: Economic agenda eyes Mich. future, not past

The Detroit News | April 25, 2017

Michigan’s self-appointed economic doctors may be correctly diagnosing what ails the state, but it’s not at all clear that the people in charge of the metaphoric patient are listening. Read more >>. 

Michigan must totally rethink its strategy for prosperity, report says

MLive | April 25, 2017

For the past 10 or 20 years, Michigan Democratic and Republican policymakers alike have sought to revive the era of high-wage, low-skill jobs, says Lou Glazer, president of Michigan Future Inc. Read more >>. 

Michigan Future Report Calls for State Government to Increase Household Incomes

DBusiness| April 25, 2017

Michigan Future, a non-partisan, non-profit organization that works to provide economic solutions, today released its first policy recommendations, calling for state legislators to make increasing household income for all Michigan residents the explicit goal of state economic policy. Read more >>.

Report: Best way to raise household income is through education, not tax cuts

Politically Speaking | April 25, 2017

The good old boys of Lansing politics who promise a return to the good old days of Michigan prosperity are steering the state in the wrong direction by ignoring the workplaces of the future that will provide good-paying jobs. Read more > >.

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