Equity In Education Demands Innovation: What Now? Ep. 7 With Kevin Polston And Carol Lautenbach

Equity in Education Demands Innovation: What Now? Ep. 7 with Kevin Polston and Carol Lautenbach

If you ask students and families what they want from education, what do they say--and is our system providing that? Godfrey-Lee Public Schools is a district on the west side of Michigan that we've talked about before. They adopted the 6Cs (from Becoming Brilliant) as their framework for learning as the result of a human-centered design process that investigated the…

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Winning In The 21st Century: Denver

Winning in the 21st Century: Denver

One can make a strong argument that Denver is the American region that has understood best the new reality that talent attracts capital. And because it has Denver is one of the regions best positioned to win economically in the 21st Century. In 2007 the Downtown Denver Partnership published its strategic vision, designed to make "Downtown Denver one of the…

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It’s Time To Invest On Main Street

It’s time to invest on Main Street

Today we're pleased to feature a guest post from Ned Staebler, the Vice President for Economic Development at Wayne State University and the President and CEO of TechTown, Detroit’s most established business incubator and accelerator. I’ve been an economic developer for 15 years. After a decade in the private sector at small startups and then at a Fortune 150 investment…

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Achieving Outcomes That Matter: What Now? Ep. 6 With Craig Carmoney

Achieving Outcomes That Matter: What Now? Ep. 6 with Craig Carmoney

The interview we’re releasing today illustrates the critical differences that result from choosing different measures for educational success. Craig Carmoney, who was recently honored as the 2021 Superintendent of the Year by the Michigan Association of Superintendents and Administrators, has been the superintendent of Meridian Public Schools since 2011. During that time, he has led two major transformations in his…

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The Pandemic Is Hardening Our Two-tier Economy

The pandemic is hardening our two-tier economy

The pandemic is hardening our two-tier economy. One where those at the top are doing well, but way too many Michiganders are struggling. Low-wage workers have suffered the most since the onset of the pandemic and the forecast is that reality will last for years. This repeats the experience during and after the Great Recession. The University of Michigan's Research…

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