Minnesota Has Not Lost A Congressional Seat In Six Decades

Minnesota has not lost a congressional seat in six decades

For nearly two decades we have urged Michigan economic policy makers to use Minnesota as a model. Because Minnesota across the board has the Great Lakes best economic outcomes. From low unemployment to high labor force participation to better than the nation personal income and education attainment Minnesota is far ahead of Michigan. We also chose Minnesota because it is…

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The Case For A 60 Percent EITC

The case for a 60 percent EITC

A year and half ago the Michigan Future Board proposed that the state expand its Earned Income Tax Credit tenfold. Going from a 6 percent match of the federal credit to 60 percent. This is at a time, when despite unprecedented federal funding and a multi billion dollar state budget surplus, expanding the EITC was on no one's agenda. The…

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Higher Education Attainment Means More Work And Higher Wages

Higher education attainment means more work and higher wages

The Bureau of Labor Statistics each year publishes a chart that details the unemployment rate and median weekly earnings by education attainment for those 25 and older who work full time. The data for 2121 are below. Year after year the same story. (For instance this post on the 2013 data.) Each time new data is published the question that…

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Now Is The Time To Expand Michigan’s EITC

Now is the time to expand Michigan’s EITC

Now is the time to expand Michigan's EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit). Michigan's low-wage workers need help paying the bills now. Michigan employers having trouble finding enough workers to operate and expand their enterprises also need help now. Immediate expansion of the state's EITC is the best way of accomplishing both. Expanding Michigan's EITC from six to 30 percent now…

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Learning From Florida: 3rd Grade Reading Mandates Don’t Work

Learning from Florida: 3rd grade reading mandates don’t work

This post reruns a 2017 post by our former colleague Pat Cooney entitled the Problem with 3rd grade reading mandates. In it Pat lays out the evidence that 3rd grade reading mandates don't work and offers an alternative that does achieve the goal of all students gaining strong literacy skills and a love of reading, as well as a whole…

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