Schlissel Makes The Case For Public Investments

Schlissel makes the case for public investments

In an interview with Bridge magazine University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel lays out the case for public investments as essential to the future success of Michigan. Particularly public investments in higher education. Schilissel says: It used to be the public would come together around common goods, things that, you know, no individual benefits from, but we all benefit from…

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The Economic Growth Lesson From Texas Ain’t What You Think

The economic growth lesson from Texas ain’t what you think

In 2004 Michigan Future published a report on knowledge-based states having higher per capita income than manufacturing-based states. The data showed that the most prosperous states––other than states with lots of oil and natural gas––had four common characteristics: Over concentration in what we now call knowledge-based servicesHigh proportion of adults with a four-year degree or moreAt least one big metro…

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Education Is Not The Key To A Broad Middle Class

Education is not the key to a broad middle class

In an article for the Atlantic Seattle entrepreneur and venture capitalist Nick Hanauer writes: "Like many rich Americans, I used to think educational investment could heal the country’s ills—but I was wrong. Fighting inequality must come first." Hanauer, as we explored in a previous post, is decidedly left of center. His politics are pro capitalism and pro shared prosperity. He…

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Small Business Is A Low-wage Employer

Small business is a low-wage employer

As a culture we celebrate small business. There are many reasons why we should. It certainly is one of the paths to economic success for those who create a long term successful enterprise. And small business are a source of innovation and amenities that make our communities better places to live. But our celebration of small business is misplaced when…

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Reforming Capitalism Through A Robust Safety Net

Reforming capitalism through a robust safety net

This is our third recent post on reforming capitalism so that it works for all. The first featured the writings of hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio on the reality for forty years growth in the American economy has not benefited the bottom 60 percent and a call for action to change that reality. The second featured the ideas of venture…

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