Where Young Professionals Develop Essential Skills

Where young professionals develop essential skills

In our last post we looked at the skills business-led KC Rising describes as essential to career success: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, interpersonal skills, proactivity and executive function. In this post we want to look at where metro Kansas City young professionals develop essential skills. KC Rising conducted focus groups with young professionals in part to learn about where they…

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21st Century Career Success Essential Skills

21st Century career success essential skills

The business-led metro Kansas City regional prosperity organization KC Rising recently published a terrific report defining what are the essential skills all students need for career success. Their definition: Communication – The ability to adapt within various channels, to connect effectively with clients, co-workers, supervisors, and other collaborators.Collaboration – Cohesive teamwork that recognizes and leverages the skills and knowledge of…

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Michigan’s Top Ten Upper Middle Class Occupations

Michigan’s top ten upper middle class occupations

This post answers the question "What are Michigan's top ten upper middle class occupations?" Where we define upper middle class as jobs that pay at least $70,539. Our calculation of what it takes to be upper middle class for a three person household. In 2019 there were 914,000 of those jobs out of a total of 4,344,000 Michigan payroll jobs.…

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STEM Doesn’t Dominate Michigan Middle Class Jobs

STEM doesn’t dominate Michigan middle class jobs

This post updates our analysis of the proportion of good-paying Michigan jobs that are in STEM fields. This time using our middle class jobs for a three person household threshold. Where we define middle class as payroll jobs than pay at least $47,026, and upper middle class as payroll jobs than pay at least $70,539. First what do we mean…

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New Report: The Real Relationship Between Education And Income

New report: The real relationship between education and income

Michigan Future is always trying to understand the reality of today's economy and labor market. Our mission is to catalyze a future for Michigan where all families can thrive, which means that all families have the chance to earn a decent income that allows them to afford the necessities, save for emergencies, and help prepare for the future--retirement or education.…

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