Selling Out Detroit

Recently, we made an invitation to our fellow students at the Ross School of Business to take an evening out of their busy lives and come down to Detroit to learn about all of the amazing things happening in the city. For most of our fellow students, who come from all over the US and […]

Google Economic Impact Report: What Does It Mean For Michigan?

We all know that the internet represents a massive and fundamental shift in the way our economy operates.    However, when we talk about what Michigan needs to do to transform its economy, it rarely gets a mention.   A recent Google report provides insight into why the internet represents a huge economic opportunity for […]

A Reach School For Every Kid

Didn’t get into Harvard? Well, it is good that you applied.  Research highlighted in a Wall Street Journal article today about the value of a college degree indicates that future economic success may be better predicted by where you apply to college than where you go to college. The reason – where you aspire to […]

Keeping Talent: Rethinking the Recruiting Machine

One of the maxims of marketing is that it is always easier to retain a customer than it is to attract one.   For Michigan, the question of how we keep our talented graduates in the state is a crucial nut to crack in our transformation. Yes, having great places for young people to live […]

What Do Students Think Is Working – Entrepreneurship

The Kauffman Foundation recently had a Wall Street Journal Editorial on Friday that indicated all net job creation in the US since 1980 occurred in firms less than five years old. With unemployment over 15% in Michigan, we need new businesses to drive economic growth. Fortunately, evidence tells me that a major shift is happening […]

Detroit’s Offer to Creatives – Space, Food and Time

The revival of Detroit is happening, slowly but surely.  The best indicator is the pulse of the so-called “creative class” that are typically the first to re-enter and re-catalyze an urban area. This weekend, I met up with a friend who is a prototype of the creative class – an artist and musician who organizes […]

TEDxDetroit – Turning Keynes On His Head

For a moment, set aside the challenging choices and drama unfolding in Lansing.  The most hopeful news in the state today came from Detroit.    No, I am not talking about the first ever global electric vehicle conference – although that too is hopeful news.  I am talking about the diverse mix of curious people […]

Retooling Michigan’s Workforce

Lou Glazer moderated a panel on Friday at a Net Impact Conference at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan focused on how we can retool a workforce.   The panelists and the student audience were especially interested in how this relates to Michigan and I wanted to share some of the key […]

Seattle Is Closer To Detroit Than You Think

At least we know that it is not weather that is keeping Detroit from being a top destination for young talent.  According to the Wall Street Journal, the #1 “Next Hot Youth Magnate City” is Seattle, even with its 226 cloudy days per year (versus 185 in Detroit). Interestingly, metro Seattle is also not significantly […]