Outsmarting the robots recommended media

We provided participants in our education redesign conference, Outsmarting the Robots with a list of recommended reading, podcast and video. We wanted to share those recommendations more broadly.

The list was assembled to include media we found interesting about the nature of work, today and tomorrow, as well as the kind of education/youth development that all kids will need to do well in that labor market over a 40-year career.

  • Daniel Pink in conversation with Yong Zhao at the Schools Network Conference 2010 (video). Click here.
  • “Creating Innovators: Why America’s Education System is Obsolete,” Erica Swallow in Forbes. Click here.
  • “Student Hope, Engagement as Important as Graduation,” Tim Hodges in Gallup. Click here.
  • “High School Doesn’t Have to Be Boring,” Sarah Fine and Jal Mehta in the New York Times. Click here.”
  • Tech is Splitting the U.S. Workforce in Two,” Eduardo Porter in the New York TimesClick here.
  • “At Work, Expertise is Falling Out of Favor,” Jerry Useem in the Atlantic. Click here.
  • “Employers Want To Do More With Less. Where Does That Leave Expertise?” On Point interview featuring Jerry Useem (podcast). Click here.
  • You can find out where to buy Dr. Hirsh-Pasek’s book, co-written with Roberta Michnick Golinkoff, via their site for Becoming Brilliant. Click here.

For those interested in diving deeper into what future jobs might look like I still think the best book on the topic is Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind even though it was written in 2005.

On the education all kids need Becoming Brilliant is the best place to start. And the book that the Fine and Mehta article above came from, In Search of Deeper Learning is highly recommended.

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