Education pays 2015

The Bureau of Labor Statistics each year publishes a chart that details the unemployment rate and median weekly earnings by education attainment for those 25 and older. The data for 2105 are below.


education pays 2015

Slightly different data from a year and two ago. But same story. Each time I look at the new data the question that comes to mind is “how can the data be misinterpreted?”. Seems like the conclusion is crystal clear: the more education attainment the more you work and the more you earn.

And yet we continue with a public conversation that increasingly questions the value of getting a four year degree or more. The reality is–as this data depict–that a four year degree–including with a liberal arts major––or more is the most reliable path to a middle class or better career. End of story!

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Lou Glazer

Lou Glazer is President and co-founder of Michigan Future, Inc., a non-partisan, non-profit organization. Michigan Future’s mission is to be a source of new ideas on how Michigan can succeed as a world class community in a knowledge-driven economy. Its work is funded by Michigan foundations.

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